Now HiringSogeti USA, a tech consulting company based in Dayton, Ohio, wants to hire 250 IT professionals across nearly two dozen U.S. cities by the end of the year. The Capgemeni subsidiary provides services to medium and large businesses, is in the midst of a 10-year expansion, for which it's already hired 700 tech specialists last year and 400 full-time employees this year.

The Jobs' Details

"In a general sense, I can tell that the hot technologies that we’re recruiting for are most of the development technologies in the Microsoft stack, as well as IBM," says David Wade, Sogeti's director of Human Resources. "We have formal partnerships with them, so we see a lot of business in the development space." The mobile space, he adds, is also "very competitive across the board in all the cities." Specifically, the company is seeking professionals in the company's seven practice areas:
  • Advisory Services, which encompasses project managers, business analysts and the like.
  • Application Development, the company's largest group.
  • Business Information Management Services, which involves a lot of business intelligence work.
  • Engineering Services, focuses on manufacturing execution systems and product lifecycle management solutions.
  • Infrastructure Management, Cloud and Security Services.
  • Mobile Services, which includes consulting on architecture, UI design, systems integration and security.
  • Testing Services, which encompasses mobile testing, improving testing automation, and other related activities.
Sogeti's hiring strategy calls for local consultants -- hired through local offices -- to serve local clients. "Local" means major metropolitan cities -- 23 to be exact. The cities where the company will hire are listed here.

Your Strategy

If you're interested, the first step is to become familiar with the company. Wade urges applicants to research Sogeti, understand its business and then approach a local Sogeti recruiter. “Sogeti is not really a household name," he says, noting that Capgemeni has 121,000 employees globally. "We are the local professional side of the business…. When that local client wants to do a Notes-to-Exchange migration, that’s what we do.” Another step: Become active in local IT user groups, like the local .NET community if you're a .NET developer. "That’s where our recruiters are embedded," Wade says. "We’re specifically targeting passive job seekers, so we’re looking to meet those people in the community." Another thing to be aware of: Sogeti seeks folks with a certain personality, a willingness to jump into sticky situations and offer advice. Clients, after all, don't call a consultant when a problem is easy. "They call us because they couldn’t fix it themselves," Wade explains. "Applicants who come to us with a true desire to solve problems and bring a point of view to the client will really find a home with us."

College Grad Advice

New graduates have a shot at landing a job if they're computer science or MIS graduates, with a 3.8 GPA and a passion for technology. One attribute that's especially important to demonstrate is your ability to face significant challenges. Illustrate that by describing issues you've solved with course work or internships, and how that experience translates into the work you'd do as a consultanti. The company hires graduates for entry-level developer and testing positions, then starts them off in so-called boot camps – generally two weeks of training to advance their technical skills and to teach them consulting skills. Sometimes, Microsoft and IBM -- two Sogeti partners -- provide trainers.

Advice for Seasoned Pros

When it comes to IT veterans, the company seeks a number of the same qualities. But, of course, it wants additional skills and traits. "We’re looking for a track record of deep technical expertise," Wade says. "We’re looking for someone who has shown a consistent commitment to previous employers. We want people who will be a long-term fit with Sogeti."