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If you work in DevOps or IT operations, you’re probably familiar with the software products produced by Splunk, which monitor and analyze machine-created data from within a company’s IT infrastructure. That makes Splunk training an essential element of many technologists' workflow.

If you’re involved in cybersecurity, you might utilize Splunk as part of your regular toolkit, as it also allows you to monitor data stores and assess ransomware threats. According to Lightcast (formerly Emsi Burning Glass), which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country, some 7.9 percent of cybersecurity engineer positions ask for candidates with Splunk skills. Meanwhile, 2.4 percent of software developer and engineer job postings also mention Splunk.

Where can I find Splunk training?

Splunk Education offers organizations a range of learning paths, courses, and certifications for Splunk. There’s training in 10 languages and at all levels, from absolute basics to expert-level content.  

For example, Splunk training can enable learners and users (analysts, administrators, developers, architects, SREs, etc.) to deploy use cases faster to deliver business outcomes as well as build confidence and empower end-users to adopt and optimize their use of the Splunk platform.

The company also offers a comprehensive, up-to-date student handbook with a bird's eye view (and hyperlinks) to the variety of learning options, courses, and a list of prices and course duration information. (A helpful training and certification FAQ provides information on exam and course registration and additional information and recommendations on testing and education.)

Is Splunk training free?

You can definitely learn a lot about Splunk via the free options on the Splunk Education website, including a variety of training videos. You can also search its catalog for free training courses, including “What is Splunk,” “Intro to Splunk” and “Using Fields.”

How much does Splunk training cost?

Once you’ve completed the free, introductory tiers, you can opt for Splunk’s "Fast Start", which combines eLearning and instructor-led classes; this includes Foundation Fast Start ($500), focusing on the basics of machine data and how Splunk uses operational intelligence.

That's followed by Search Expert Fast Start ($3,000), which covers 60 commands and functions, comparing, manipulating and normalizing data from multiple datasets, and enriching search results.

Users can prepare for the Splunk Core Certified Power User exam with nine e-learning courses in a single registration through the Power User Fast Start option ($2,000), which covers field extraction creation, correlation analysis and result modification.

There are 11 total certification paths on offer, ranging from Splunk Certified Developer to Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin. Here’s a breakdown of “official” certifications:

Users can also choose from more than 15 role-based paths, including data science administrator, IT analyst, or DevOps, developer, or site reliability engineer.

Is Splunk training worth it?

Eric Fusilero, vice president of Splunk's global enablement and education ecosystem, suggests that, on an individual level, Splunk training (and resulting data expertise) can unlock additional career opportunities and drive greater earning potential. "Data is transforming everything—how we work, live and play," he says.

Learning how to work with data can translate into better job security and portability of skills.

Will Splunk training change?

Splunk has plans to boost its educational coverage, with an eye toward providing comprehensive coverage of topics by module (versus many topics at increasing levels of complexity) while still mapping modules to persona-based learner pathways to enable faster time-to-value at both the individual/organization levels.

"In the near future, we will further develop our scalable, personalized ecosystem to accelerate the growth of Splunk education capability in the market, expand personalized opportunities to learn and to offer learning that addresses key field and customer issues," Fusilero adds.

This includes growing the company's free foundational learning catalog, new industry certifications, and new train-the-trainer offerings geared to lower the barrier to learn.


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