For many, a move into management is a natural part of their career arc. For others, it can feel like a necessary step to keep a career alive. And some just plain aren’t ready for it. A recent Stack Overflow study shows roughly one-third of its respondents don’t have a desire to go into tech management. They’re happy coding away, braving the toxic stew that is Stack Overflow itself. And there’s legitimacy to that. In a quick comparison of ‘Project Manager’ and ‘Software Developer’ in Silicon Valley via Dice’s search feature, we see there are almost double the number of developer roles for that area alone. If you want to stay employed, sticking to the code is typically a more streamlined way to go. When we start plugging in more specific roles like ‘iOS Developer’ or ‘Android Developer,’ things start to get even more interesting. We know skills drive income, and that’s never been truer. If you're adept at several languages and skills, your job prospects grow exponentially. Even if you’re sticking with a single discipline like Android app development, the number of bespoke developer jobs compared to general management roles are still often 2x or better. Still, some want to lead, including developers and engineers who feel their skillset is better suited for management. These tech pros might have very specific ideas about how things on their team or at their company should operate, and they want a chance to make their mark. (Or they’re tired of coding, who knows.) But we want to know what your take is. Specifically, we’d like to know whether or not you’re even interested in management, and why you might want to move up – or not. There are no wrong answers! Our survey at the top of this post is completely anonymous, so feel free to give us your honest take on tech management, and whether you think it’s the right fit for you. We’ll be publishing results in a future article, so stay tuned!