T-Mobile USA is expected to slice off another 900 jobs, expanding the scope of its previously announced restructuring. In March, T-Mobile said it would pare its 24 call centers to 17. That left roughly 1,000 people with pink slips, after some workers moved to different centers and other jobs were created. On Tuesday, CEO Philipp Humm sent out a company memo alerting employees that another round of layoffs is imminent. A company representative told GeekWire, “With these changes, some jobs will be eliminated, some outsourced and some created." More details of the restructuring and job cuts are expected to be released later in the week. The Verge has the full memo, a part of which says:
Our rebuilt structure enables T-Mobile to realize significant savings, allowing us to invest in future growth — in particular modernizing our network to LTE, repositioning the T-Mobile brand, and aggressively pursuing the B2B segment where we plan to add 1,000 positions over the next few years. We gain the agility to put resources where the current opportunities are, grow in areas where potential is greatest, and act on emerging opportunities quickly and rationally.
It's not clear whether the 1,000 new jobs Humm's memo refers to will include IT positions, but it wouldn't be surprising if they did. The carrier is running behind its competitors in modernizing its LTE network and needs plenty of engineers to carry it off. Additionally, a second memo, from T-Mobile Chief Operations Officer Jim Alling, says the changes won't affect call center staff, technicians in engineering and employees at the company's retail stores. After AT&T's failed $39 billion bid to buy T-Mobile, both parties were left looking for options. AT&T was left still needing spectrum and T-Mobile was left with spectrum, but without cash to build it out – and a sinking market share.

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