Main image of article T-Mobile USA CEO Resigns
T-Mobile USA's head honcho Philpp Humm is resigning to take a job in Europe and rejoin his family in the region. And while Humm's departure may be a little unsettling for some employees, what's likely more unnerving is the company's plans to explore other options. One of those options, says the Wall Street Journal, is the sale of its wireless tower portfolio. With potential parts of the business up for sale, it's not only disconcerting for existing employees but may deter potential job candidates from applying to the struggling carrier. After all, why waste ink, postage and time to send a resume and carefully crafted cover letter to T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile USA's parent, Deutsche Telekom, says it's unlikely it will sell its T-Mobile business unit, the WSJ notes. In the meantime, Jim Alling, T-Mobile USA's chief operating officer, will act as CEO on an interim basis, while the company hunts around for a replacement.

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