Main image of article Most Popular Tech Companies to Work For in the U.S.

Have you ever wondered about the most popular tech company in your city? Hired’s 2019 Global Brand Health Report tells us just that!

The wide-ranging study drills into which employers are best in the world of tech. Hired ranks these companies using a metric they dub “BPI,” or "Brand Positivity Index." Here’s how Hired describes its methodology, which ultimately focused on cities:

Hired surveyed more than 3,600 tech knowledge workers, who were provided a list of top local companies who have recently been hiring for tech talent and asked them to rate their level of interest in working for each company. The Brand Positivity Index combines survey respondents who would ‘love to work’ and ‘might like to work’ at a particular company.

The BPI doesn’t exclude existing employees of a company. Hired also doesn’t say how it weighted responses.

In our chart below, we started west and worked our way to Boston. Of all the companies, Google was the highest-rated.

Toyota also scored really well in Dallas, Texas. SpaceX, despite all the weirdness surrounding its CEO, remains intriguing to technologists, too. In Seattle, Microsoft outpaced Amazon for the top spot (Amazon’s BPI is 70, for what it’s worth).

While Hired labels many employers in Silicon Valley as being in San Francisco, the whole Bay Area seems lumped together. Google is still the leader, here, with Netflix taking second place (83) and Airbnb third (80). Interestingly enough, Facebook and Twitter don’t rank in the top ten for this area; they have BPIs of 63 and 60, respectively.

Of all the cities, Denver seems to be in the worst shape. The chart above shows you its most popular tech employer, Ibotta, is a solid 12 points lower than any other company on the list. SendGrid (48) and HomeAdvisor (47) trail it, but every other company in Denver has a BPI under 40. In context, no top-ten tech employer in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, or Seattle has a BPI below 54.

Hired’s data also shows Silicon Valley rules the roost in tech. Only three of the top 15 publicly traded companies listed are outside Silicon Valley: Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle, and The Walt Disney Company in the Los Angeles area.