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The next episode of the Dice Tech Connects podcast is here! Every month, we’ll have great guests who will share their expertise about the current state of the tech careers world, from the hottest tech skills to the tech hiring market to what companies are doing to retain and attract top talent. 

Our next great guest is Mark Feffer, who’s the executive editor at Recruiting Daily; he’s also editor and publisher of the HCM Technology Report. Feffer has a long, storied career as a journalist covering the technology industry, with a particular focus on hiring and recruiting trends and HR tech. Tune in!

This episode covers a variety of topics, including the current economic uncertainty, the rise of automation in hiring, and even how companies are approaching next-generation technologies like augmented reality (AR).

Although tech unemployment is notably low and companies everywhere are hiring, there are also fears of potential recession, and some companies—most notably the tech giants—have been slowing hiring or even initiating layoffs. As we discuss, this is a good time for managers and team leaders to see how they can adapt to different circumstances—for example, perhaps your budget for salaries is cut and you need to offer candidates and team members a different set of benefits such as training and education.

As Feffer mentions, automation isn’t just a distant innovation that might change businesses—it’s here already. Getting familiar with automation is key if you want to grow into your career over the next several decades.

Near the end of the podcast, the discussion also digs into how companies seeking to retain talent can focus on up-skilling candidates. What barriers do managers need to remove to get candidates and team members the training and support they need? What can you do to remove barriers so technology professionals can apply for better jobs in-house? 

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