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Our latest ‘Tech Connects’ guest is someone we’ve had on the show before: Tigran Sloyan, who’s the co-founder and CEO of CodeSignal, a startup that’s trying to improve technical hiring at every stage of the process. CodeSignal’s products aim to present candidates and hiring managers with questions relevant to real-world scenarios, backed by research.

During our last discussion, we chatted about the need to apply A.I. to training and education. Since then, generative A.I. has evolved even further, so I wanted to sit down with him again to chat about everything from internal skills training to the best ways to build a chatbot to how artificial intelligence could fundamentally impact education. Let’s jump in!

Any discussion that takes us from an examination of the Prussian educational system to the frontiers of A.I. is a good one in my book. Here are some additional takeaways from our discussion:

  • First, while generative A.I. is a revolutionary tool, people have mixed feelings about it, and there’s still some misunderstanding about the nature and capability of A.I. and large language models. Organizations everywhere need to consider educating their employees about the scope of this tech, as well as what it can and can’t do. 

  • Second, even with generative A.I. changing how we work, tech professionals everywhere still need to understand the fundamentals of what they do, and why code works. If you’re writing programming-related prompts, you need to understand exactly what you’re asking for and how it’ll be incorporated into a larger project.

  • Third, generative A.I. may have a huge impact on training and education in future years. Pay attention to the rise of chatbots as tutors. If you’re a student or a junior technologist, this technology could radically change the ways you learn and keep your skills up-to-date.

We covered a whole lot of other topics during the episode, of course, so give it a re-listen if there was something you missed. We’ll see you next time—and remember, Dice is your best resource to find the tech talent you need to fill your open roles, and for technologists, the best place to grow your tech career.