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The next episode of the ‘Tech Connects’ podcast is here! We’re talking to Sachin Gupta, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of HackerEarth. We’ve had Sachin on the show before, and he’s always great at providing insights into the tech industry and how companies are hiring. A developer by trade, Sachin is passionate about the developer community and ensuring every developer is connected with the right opportunity.

During this episode, we’re going to dig into the current must-have skills, how tech recruiting has changed in the post-pandemic period, the best ways to survive a technical interview, and much more. Let’s listen in!

As Sachin mentions during our chat, the tech industry is experiencing a bit of turbulence at the moment. However, there’s still a widespread hunger for technology professionals, especially those who have mastered key skills such as blockchain, data science, and machine learning. By keeping your skills up-to-date and becoming comfortable with organizations’ hiring processes, you stand a good chance of landing a life-changing job interview.

Here are some other takeaways from our talk:

First, some of the biggest of the big tech companies have laid off thousands of workers, and some tech startups are having trouble getting funding. Nonetheless, multiple organizations across a broad swath of industries continue to hire aggressively. Sachin believes that much of the tech industry will rebound, as well, once we’re past all the turbulent events of the past few quarters, such as rising interest rates.

Second, there’s continuing interest among developers in cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and machine learning. For example, even though the cryptocurrency industry has undergone some spectacular meltdowns, there are still significant business applications for the blockchain such as smart contracting. Staying aware of the latest, most cutting-edge tech can only benefit you.

Third, depending on the roles you’re applying for, chances are good you’ll face a technical interview of some sort. While these technical interviews are potentially intimidating, it’ll be okay so long as you follow some basic steps. Take as much time as possible to prepare, including reviewing the fundamentals of your particular specialization. Also, hiring managers and recruiters might be more forthcoming than you think about the contents of a technical interview; feel free to ask them about what any assessment will actually include in terms of concepts and tools.