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“Working with me, you skip the step where your resume is going to get lost in their system,” says Michael Lipschultz, Senior Recruiter of RockIT Recruiting, who uses Dice to reach out to talent whether they’re actively looking or not. At the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco, I asked Lipschultz about the advantages of working with a tech recruiter like himself. His answer: He’s essentially your advocate, and will work your application through the mine field to get you to the decision maker. That will cut out a lot of internal recruiters that may drop the ball. “I’m getting you speaking to the people you want to be speaking to,” he says. Lipschultz knows what tech talent wants: a thriving yet laid back culture, a product that will be the next big thing, and a manager they really like. He has lots of competition and tries to differentiate himself by being honest. It’s critical to be upfront and give job seekers confidence since the best candidates are usually passive, he believes. Even if someone's not looking right now, people like to feel wanted, so it’s always nice to have a tech recruiter show interest in you, he points out.