Nokia N9The Nokia N9 is one of the most polished devices delivered by the Finnish giant in the iPhone era. Most technology bloggers agree, and it's sad that Nokia is dropping one of its best works. Without a strong commitment from Nokia, the N9 is doomed before it's even released. Developers aren't gonna waste their precious time on a platform with such an insignificant market. And, without a decent app collection, it has limited appeal to users, despite having a refreshing design and operating system. It's unlikely Nokia will reverse its decision to go all out with Windows Phone, but it could do something to make the hard work by its MeeGo team more worthwhile: Let the N9 run Android apps. "It's perfectly possible," said Olivier Bartholot, Myriad's VP of business development. Myriad is the company behind Alien Dalvik, an Android emulator that runs on Maemo and MeeGo devices. A demonstration video by the company shows that the N900 mobile emulator can run Android apps just as good as an actual Android device, and Olivier said there's no reason why the N9 can't do the same. The emulator will run all but Android apps that utilize less common Android APIs, and that is okay. Those who complain are probably better off with an actual Android device. Hope now lies solely on Nokia, for only it has the final say on whether the N9 will run Android apps.
"Because it goes really deep into the root of the OS, it cannot be a downloadable application. It would have to be ported prior to the phone being shipped. It would have to be a decision of the mobile phone manufacturer or the network."
[youtube] Source: CNET UK