Main image of article Tim O’Reilly: A Machine Can Learn Just Like a Child


For so long artificial intelligence has been described as being separate from humans. But in actuality, it’s the synergy between humans and machines that’s increasing intelligence for both, says Tim O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media. At the Future of Web Apps conference in Las Vegas, O’Reilly spoke about man/machine integration, explaining that as we have more and more data, machines can slowly learn just the way a child does. They’re getting all these inputs and they’re extracting meaning from it. In one example, O’Reilly talked about the autonomous vehicle challenges. While they were impressive, they were also limited. Once the vehicles were infused with map data, which was created by humans, they could use that information to amplify their effectiveness. I spoke with O’Reilly about how we’re the last mile of the interface and how technology is shifting what we do and don’t need to remember. Photo: Wikipedia