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Engineering skills are always in demand, raising the pressure on companies that want to recruit and retain the best possible engineers. For recruiters, bosses, and HR staff, what’s the best way to find and hire the right candidates? Over at, Glassdoor executive Allyson Willoughby offers four tips for attracting quality engineers. At the top of the list: Investing the time and effort necessary to find and hire the correct people for a particular job, rather than rush the process. “Quickly hiring candidates who aren’t a good match for the positions or the firm costs time and money,” she wrote. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost of a bad hire is 30 percent of the person’s salary.” Click here to find an engineering job. Another tip: Hire recruiters to work on-staff, particularly if they already have an extensive network of engineers and other employees who could become future hires. Developing a referral network is also key: “Encourage the company's IT staff, engineers and other tech minds to help with networking efforts by offering financial incentives for recommending someone who accepts an offer from the firm.” Fourth, it’s important to understand why prospective employees are turning down the chance to work for your company. “Consider conducting post-process interviews with all candidates, including both those who accepted offers and those who didn't,” Willoughby concluded. “Approach the candidates in a genuine fashion, simply seeking information.” A recent survey conducted by Experis, a unit of ManpowerGroup, found that 40 percent of engineers are looking for a new job in 2014. “At the same time, 95 percent of hiring managers of engineers report difficulty filling open engineering positions,” the company reported. “Eighty-eight percent of these plan to hire engineers this year, while 29 percent do not believe they will be able to find the engineering talent they need for their businesses.” Electrical/electronics, mechanical/manufacturing, and chemical and computer engineers topped the survey’s list of most-desired hires.

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