Main image of article Top IT Talent Snagged In a Week or Less

San Francisco and Silicon Valley are two very intense IT job markets. If an employer doesn’t move fast enough, then it's too late.

In the time it takes for a prospective candidate to go through four or five rounds of interviews, chances are they have already gotten two offers on the table, says Dan Suchow, a client relationship representative for Kforce, a staffing firm that specializes in tech contractors. Suchow was attending a San Francisco technology career day and made these observations: [youtube] Realizing that a speedy interviewing process is critical for landing the best candidates before another company snaps them up, Kforce will do an extensive screening process prior to putting them before its clients. Clients, however, need to react quickly. Suchow says if a company doesn't interview the candidate within a day or two, they’re gone. "What we’ve noticed is top talent stays on the market for only a week," Suchow says.