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Work at Google is undergoing some big, systemic changes. At the end of September, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (who’s also CEO of Alphabet, parent company of Google) announced that employees could adopt a “hybrid” schedule, working from home for part of the week if they so desired. 

Pichai announced that decision after Google’s internal surveys showed that a majority of employees only wanted to come into the office on some days. By offering that flexibility, Google stays competitive with Microsoft and other firms that are also adopting hybridized schedules for employees.

As Google moves into this new era, what kinds of jobs is it hiring for, and what skills does it need? We’ve noted before how the bulk of Google’s hiring seems focused on the fundamentals—popular programming languages such as Python and Java, and roles such as software developers. That hasn’t changed in our most recent analysis of data from Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country. 

Here’s the breakdown of tech jobs that Google has hired for over the past 60 days:

And here are the tech skills that Google wants, based on job postings:

Based on those skills, it’s very clear that Google is on the hunt for project managers with a full complement of soft skills, including thought leadership and managing teams. This just re-emphasizes how success in a tech career doesn’t hinge entirely on your technical skills (as impressive as those might be); you need to communicate with stakeholders, listen well, and understand the broader needs of the business.  

The drive for product and project managers also suggests that Google, like many tech companies, is again focusing on long-term and strategic projects after months of reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. The prevalence of Python and Java likewise suggests a focus on “core” projects (with an interesting spike in machine learning jobs midway down the list). 

Another thing to mention: According to Burning Glass, the mean salary at Google is $105,404. That’s quite a bit lower than what, which crowdsources salary data from tech-company employees, has suggested even entry-level software engineers get paid (for the record, that’s $183,643, once you throw in stock and bonuses). Nonetheless, tech jobs at Google are clearly lucrative—even if Google is still a year or more away from reopening its famous in-office amenities.