Waiting RoomThere’s a saying in the business world: Hire for attitude, train for skills. In other words, if you have a positive outlook and seem a good match for the environment, you’ll probably be hired -- even if you don’t have all the required technical skills and experience. So how can you develop the mood or personality that prospective employers are looking for?
  • Use positive body language throughout the interview. Smile and offer a firm handshake. Don’t fold your arms, scowl or sit on the edge of your chair when responding to questions. Be appropriately relaxed and make eye contact throughout the session, take a few notes and nod your head so the interviewer knows you’re listening.
  • Be positive. Begin each answer with a reassuring “sure” or “absolutely,” because the interviewer will be subliminally swayed by your continued use of positive words, language and behavior. If you’re asked a negative question, like what you disliked about your former boss or job, provide a short answer and always end on a positive or upbeat note.
  • Show a “can do” attitude. Southwest Airlines is famous for hiring energetic people with no industry experience as long as they're pleasant to be around. So avoid negative thoughts before an interview. Even if you’re in a career slump, remain confident by focusing on your prior successes.
  • Do your homework and offer the interviewer anecdotes and examples that show why you’re a good match for the company's culture. Managers gravitate toward job seekers who seem like part of the team even before they accept an offer.