Main image of article Twitter Offers Brands More Options
Twitter rolled out enhanced profile pages for 21 select brands last December, in conjunction with its full-scale redesign across its website and apps. Brands that aren't included in the list could finally upgrade their profiles starting February 1st, as reported by Business Insider. With the new enhanced profile pages, marketers have more flexibility to brand their Twitter profiles. Besides the customizable banner, brands can pin any of their tweets so that they would always stay on top and not be drowned by other less important tweets. These features are provided free of charge. And if Business Insider's source is to be believed, the new profile page would allow brands to include iFrame environments within their Twitter profile to external contents. That's not unlike Facebook apps, which offer third-party contents on the social network, such as games and interactive widgets. If true, Twitter would be departing from its initial modal that can largely be attributed to its success today — simplicity. The microblogging service started with bare-bone features. Even mundane features like the hashtags were added only after its usage took off within the early group of Twitter users. The 140 characters limit, on the other hand, forces users to get straight to the point in every one of their tweets. While some users may find it troubling to squeeze all they have to say in such as short sentence, it helps keep the service simple. Twitter, as we know it today, is no longer the same. But ultimately, with strong competitors like Facebook, and increasing pressure from Google+, Twitter has to evolve itself to stay ahead of the curve.