Main image of article Startup Prints Tweets On Toilet Roll for a Mere $35
ShitterFor those of you who love to grab your smartphone or tablet when you go to the washroom, you know how it feels when you forget your device. Good news! Instead of turning to the shampoo labels, you can now read tweets right on your toilet roll, thanks to the appropriately named startup, um, S****r. (The actual name doesn't have all those asterisks, but this is a family blog, so...) What do you think? Brilliant innovation, a little weird, or just plain crazy? Tell us by posting a comment below. For $35, you can buy four rolls of toilet paper, printed with your own tweets on your timeline, your favorite tweets, or even tweets on a list. Let's face it, people read tweets when they're indisposed. But ironically, reading tweets on a toilet paper roll will cost more than the book you just bought from Amazon. Wacky? Yes. But not nearly enough to out-wacky the Japanese. In 2009, Japanese author Koji Suzuki had his novel The Drop, published this way, too (for just $2.50). The roll has an interesting premise: It's the story of a ghost who hides in a public toilet. It gives a whole new meaning to not looking under the bed.