Main image of article Apple and Valve: What Are They Cooking Up?
Project GlassGoogle's Project Glass isn't a new concept, but augmented-reality glasses are still seen as futuristic, or even awkward, by the mass market. It now appears that Google may not be the only company looking to develop this new category of consumer electronics. Valve, the game development company behind wildly popular titles like Counter-Strike, Portal and Team Fortress 2, is experimenting with the idea of its own Project Glass. Valve employee Michael Abrash wrote in a blog post that wearable computing is now part of the company's R&D (at a very early stage, it appears). There's no product in the pipeline yet, so you won't see Gabe Newell wearing any weird glasses anytime soon, like Sergey Brin did. As for Apple: Reports are circulating that CEO Tim Cook recently visited Valve's headquarters, which is rather bizarre since the companies have no existing business relationships, at least as far I know. The law of speculation dictates that both of these stories have to run together in order to fan the wildest imagination of, well, me. And maybe you. The most popular guesses I'm hearing are:
  1. Apple is interested in Valve's wearable computing project.
  2. Apple is collaborating with Valve on a new gaming console.
  3. Apple wants to enter the game industry, at least the distribution part of it.
  4. Nothing will come out it.
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