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Game developers would rather work for Valve than run their own studio, according to a survey by the International Game Developers Association. There's good reason the company behind Half-Life and the game platform Steam is so popular, says GameSpot. Among other things, it has an informal hierarchy (people "don't have bosses"), an open vacation policy and strongly encourages collaboration. Valve's also a private company, meaning it doesn't face the same kind of investor pressure that companies like Electronic Arts do. Click here to find game developer jobs. All is not paradise there, however: "The one thing that I found out the hard way is that there is, there is actually a hidden layer of powerful management structure in the company. And it feels--felt--a lot like high school," a former employee, Jeri Ellsworth has said, according to GameSpot. She was let go from the company in February 2013.

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Here's the IDGA's list of best game companies to work for

1. Valve

2. My own company

3. Activision Blizzard

4. BioWare

5. Ubisoft

6. Current employer

7. Nintendo

8. Naughty Dog

9. Double Fine

10. Bethesda Game Studios

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