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Last year at VMworld, VMware put out a challenge to those participating in the VMworld labs. The first five who can finish all the labs offered will be invited to come back next year on our dime, said Adam Zimman, Senior Director of Integration Engineering at VMware R&D. Michael Forner, Enterprise Systems Technical Expert for Regional Transportation District in Denver was one of the five members that won last year’s all out labs team. Zimman spoke with Forner as to what he likes about this year’s labs. The two talked about the improved value of the scenario-based solutions, rather than the simple product tours. To give people more experience with the products in a shorter time, they incorporated more product-focused labs and shorter scenarios. Last year, some of the scenario labs were as long as 90 minutes. Those monster-sized labs seemed unnecessary since some of the content repeated from lab to lab and a third of the time was wasted with setup and reading through back history, said Forner. This year improved and Forner has been eagerly digging into labs for vCloud Director, vFabric, and vSphere. Related Links