Main image of article Watch a Job Seeker Interview With Game-Maker Turbine
Josh Green is a game designer and producer who’s been looking for work since the demise of Facebook game maker Asvathaa in mid-2012. To help him hone his interview skills, we arranged for Josh to sit down with Craig Alexander, Vice President of Product Development for Turbine, a developer of massive multiplayer online role-playing games. The video includes the interview, as well as Josh’s analysis of his performance and Craig’s feedback on his resume and presentation. Craig also has tips on how job seekers can make their resumes more effective. Josh’s experience not only includes time as a game designer and producer, but also as a project manager and game QA tester. Currently, he’s working on his own free-to-play game, complete with in-game purchase capabilities. It’s important for IT professionals to constantly work on improving their skills by pursuing independent projects. That’s especially important for people in between jobs, who need to show what they have been doing with their time. Josh is taking the right initiative.