The average American works roughly 47 hours per week, according to data released last year by Gallup. That number includes commuting time, which in some cities can add several hours per week. But not all places are created equal; in which cities do employees work the longest hours? According to a study by the Office of the New York City Comptroller (and excerpted in Business Insider), New York City tops that list, with an average workweek of 49.08 hours. That includes 42.50 hours actually spent on the job, with another 6.18 hours per week spent commuting. San Francisco, Calif., came in second, with 48.58 hours (44.01 hours on the job, 4.57 hours commuting), followed by Washington, D.C., with 48.39 hours (43.50 hours on the job, 4.49 hours commuting), Houston, Texas, with 48.18 hours (43.44 hours on the job, 4.33 hours commuting), and Fort Worth, Texas, with 48.01 hours (43.43 hours on the job, 4.18 hours commuting). The full list offers 30 U.S. cities; the last on the list is Milwaukee, Wis., where people work an average of 44.53 hours (41.14 hours on the job, 3.40 commuting). In San Francisco and New York City, home to many a technology firm, developers and other tech pros often put in much longer hours. Whatever you do for a living, though, one thing is clear: In many U.S. cities, the idea of a 40-hour workweek is positively antiquated.

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