Main image of article Which Tech Hubs Pay Android Developers the Most?

Although it may seem overshadowed at moments by Apple’s iOS, Google Android continues to dominate a significant chunk of the mobile OS market. Millions of people around the world rely on Android devices to power their daily lives. As a result, Android developers and engineers find their skills in demand, and can earn quite a bit in compensation.

But how much can Android developers and engineers actually earn, and which metro areas are known for the highest Android-related compensation? Blind, which surveys anonymous (but verified) technology professionals about a range of issues, has a breakdown of those metro areas that can prove insanely lucrative for Android engineers:

It should come as no surprise that the nation’s largest tech hubs also pay Android experts the most. It’s a similar situation with other tech professions, such as data scientists. Within hubs such as Silicon Valley and New York City, large and well-monetized companies are locked in constant competition for the best talent, and salaries rise as a result.

In general, Android jobs can pay quite well: according to Indeed, for example, the average Android developer salary at $125,372 per year. If you’re interested in Android development either as a full-time job or a side-gig, you’ll need to master some combination of the following skills:

Google offers courses for building your Android apps in Java, in addition to the enormous number of tutorials and documentation out there about Java development. For Kotlin, the other “first class” language for Android development, the search-engine giant has Android Basics in Kotlin, a course that provides the foundational knowledge necessary to build Android apps in Kotlin. There’s also Kotlin Bootcamp for ProgrammersAndroid Kotlin Fundamentals, and, for those with a bit more experience, Advanced Android in Kotlin

Whatever your learning path, keep in mind that Android is constantly evolving, so you’ll need to update your knowledge on a regular basis. With a solid grasp of programming fundamentals, though, you can likely find opportunities in this space that interest you.