Main image of article Which Tech Hubs Will Grow in 2023?

Which metro areas will see the most tech job growth in 2023? While that’s impossible to say with absolute certainty, we can make some loose predictions based on data from the past 12 months.

In December, the Dice Tech Job Report revealed tech job growth in some key cities, topped by Houston (+45.6 percent growth year-over-year), Miami (+33.6 percent), Phoenix (31.7 percent growth year-over-year), San Diego (+29.4 percent), Charlotte (+27.6 percent), and others. All of these cities have attempted to foster local tech communities (especially startups), but that’s not the whole reason for the growth: generally robust hiring scenes have driven organizations in all industries to hire tech professionals for everything from building websites to maintaining key cloud infrastructure.  

Meanwhile, some of the largest and most-established tech hubs, including New York City and San Francisco, continue to dominate when it comes to overall tech job postings, according to newly updated data from CompTIA:

What can we conclude from this? No matter where you live, chances are good that local businesses are hiring—and that’s before we consider the possibility of remote work, which is still very much a thing even as companies attempt to lure employees back to the office.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as analyzed by CompTIA, the tech unemployment rate fell to 2 percent in November. Although some of the biggest companies in tech (including many Silicon Valley giants) have announced significant layoffs over the past few months (including Twitter, Meta, and Lyft), it’s clear that companies everywhere continue to hire tech talent—provided that talent has the right combination of skills and experience.

And tech professionals know that: based on a recent analysis by Stack Overflow, 74 percent of tech professionals are either actively looking for a new job or open to new opportunities. And when it comes to their next gig, chances are good their town has what they need.