Main image of article Which Tech Sectors Have Seen the Biggest Spike in Employment?

Tech unemployment has hit 1.3 percent, its lowest rate since June 2019. But not all tech sectors are the same when it comes to employment; which are seeing the biggest spikes in job demand?

For an answer, can turn to CompTIA’s monthly Tech Jobs Report, which breaks down tech employment by sector, state, and more. As you can see, the following tech sectors enjoyed an elevated level of new job postings last month—although in some cases, that number dipped from February:

If you’ve followed the news, you know that semiconductors and certain hardware components are undergoing a significant supply crunch. At the same time, tech companies are investing more in fabrication facilities and factories; for example, Intel announced in January that it would build the “largest silicon manufacturing location on the planet” in Ohio, as part of a broader foundry initiative; Samsung and TSMC have also pledged to build new chip-fabrication facilities in Texas and Arizona.  

However, semiconductor- and hardware-manufacturing facilities can take years to bring online, which means the current supply-chain crunch may persist for some time. Fortunately for technologists who specialize in hardware, the ramp-up to manufacturing can prove as employment-intensive as the actual production stage; it’s a good bet this tech sector will remain strong.

Month-over-month, IT and custom software services/system design enjoyed a significant spike in job postings. This also makes sense: companies are investing heavily in their tech stacks, and they need technologists (such as sysadmins and enterprise software engineers) who can build out and maintain those systems, which can sometimes demand heavy customization.

Whatever your tech specialization, it’s clear that demand for many roles remains strong, at companies large and small. As you plot your career, also keep an eye on those technology jobs that could enjoy sustained demand over the next decade and beyond.