Main image of article Why Android Developers Ignore Recruiters
Android developers are in sharp demand. How much demand? Some report receiving as many as a dozen job opportunities in a given month. While you’d think recruiters would be at the top of their pitching game when talking to such popular people, Android developers say many times their approaches fall flat. What’s a recruiter to do? Here’s what the developers say.

Do Your Homework

“If you look at my resume online, you’d see I’m really into [artificial intelligence] and data mining,” says Yeunjin Kong, an Android developer and former Google employee. “But recruiters don’t look at my resume that closely. I think they should.” That complaint was echoed by a number of developers. Alba Perez-Cuadrado Robles, who’s been practicing her craft for over a year, says recruiters often make an approach as soon as they see the word “Android.” They don’t pay attention to anything else.

Leave Their Networks Alone

Developers also say some recruiters go so far as asking to be added to the developer’s social networks. Often, the answer is, “No.” “I was asked by one recruiter, who said that if I wanted the job, I had to add him to my social network,” says Benjamin Weiss, an Android developer for four years. “That was so arrogant. I already had a good job and I’m good at what I do, so why should I have to add him to my network to get a job?”

Customize Your Approach

You tell job seekers to tailor their approach to each prospective employer. You have to do the same thing. Just like a recruiter, Android developers want to know what’s in it for them specifically. So a template email pitch won’t work. “Some recruiters will use a keyword search for “Android,” and that’s as far as they go before contacting me,” says Rupender Kumar, who has been an Android developer for three years. “They should look at my resume and the work that I’ve done before they approach me.” To make his point, Kumar noted 12 recruiters usually approach him each month with a job opening, but none of them have yet to offer a job that matches his skills. For the record: iOS developers make similar complaints as well.