Alibaba LogoMore and more problems and uncertainties for Yahoo: After its board of fired Carol Bartz from her CEO position, the company seemed "lost in the fog". Then, a short time after Bartz's departure, more news: Yahoo was said to be "open to selling itself to the right bidder." But who would want to buy a company that is going down? During the weekend, there were reports saying it could be Chinese giant Alibaba. During the China 2.0 Conference at Stanford University, Alibaba's CEO Jack Ma made said:
We are very interested in Yahoo. Our Alibaba group is important to Yahoo and Yahoo is important to us … All the serious buyers interested in Yahoo have talked to us.
Yahoo isn't a stranger to Alibaba Group: The company bought Yahoo China for $1 billion in 2005. In the past, Ma has wanted buy stakes at Yahoo, and even made an offer to acquire 40 percent of the company, though Bartz rejected the proposal. Said Ma:
China is already ours, right? It's already in my pocket. We are probably one of the very few companies that really understand Yahoo USA very well. It's more complicated than we thought. And there's so many people interested in that. And we are also talking to them and they are talking to us. I cross my fingers, just to say we are very, very interested.
Alibaba Group is valued at $32 billion, while Yahoo is worth $16 billion. Many say Jack Ma is the perfect replacement for Carol Bartz. But at the end of the day money is all that matters. In order to acquire Yahoo, Alibaba must make an offer the company can't refuse. And let's not forget that Microsoft was also interested to buy Yahoo not a long time ago. We'll see...