Here are three items geared toward real-world, hands-on learning for Linux enthusiasts. For details on all of these, see our links below.
  • Want to try your hand at embedded Linux Development? The Yocto Project offers a build system with an Eclipse-based IDE, several related tools, EGLIBC and an Application Development Toolkit. Developers can deliver SDKs based on the distributions they create with the Yocto Project's tools.
  • It's always nice to do remote diagnostics or actual work over a secure connection. Also, a lot of people prefer working in a graphical environment as opposed to a command line. Learn how it's done with “Securing A VNC Server On Linux With SSH”.
  • Conversely, have you ever wanted to tweet from the Linux command line? Adrian over at the blog Make Tech Easier spells out exactly what you need to do. One great use is to combine the techniques with standard shell scripting to automate your Twitter feed. Feel free to share how you'd use this capability in your operation by posting a comment below.

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