Main image of article Ice Cream Sandwich: What to Watch for During Tomorrow's Event
Tomorrow is Samsung's and Google's delayed presentation on the next generation of  Ice Cream Sandwich and the unveiling of the first device running it, Samsung's Nexus Prime. Information about the phone's already leaked out, including an image, a video, device specifications, as well as several screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich at work. As the event looms -- it takes place at 10 pm tonight Eastern time, 10 am tomorrow Hong Kong time), Ina Fried at AllThingsDigital sketches out her list of important things to look for:
  1. What's inside Ice Cream Sandwich?
  2. What's inside Nexus Prime, and when does it ship?
  3. When are other devices coming?
  4. How does Ice Cream Sandwich compare to iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S?
  5. Does it have voice recognition?
To see why she thinks these questions so important, See Ina's full post on AllThingsD.