Body Language

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When it comes to interviews, courtesy and correct answers only take you so far. Body language—what you’re saying with posture, gesture and expression—counts, too. It's important because body language has the power to reinforce what you’re saying—or completely negate it. The key to confident and authoritative body language is keeping yourself unguarded and in control. To accomplish this, always keep your body open to whomever you’re speaking. Turning away, lowering your head, rolling your shoulders forward—these all diminish you and diminish your power in the conversation. But holding your body open and straight, keeping your chin up and maintaining eye contact all allow you to retain your power.

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Also, don’t take any protective positions, like crossing your arms over your chest or putting your hands near your face. Those gestures undermine your confidence and can leave a more lasting impression than what you’re actually saying. Cross your hands in your lap, hold them behind your back if you’re standing, or just cross your ankles. And don't fidget. If you start bouncing your leg, tapping your pen or fixing your hair, just interlock your fingers and leave them calmly on your lap. If you go into your next interview and tell them exactly what they want to hear in a clear, assuring voice while keeping a casual, comfortable and confidant body position, you'll not only be the smoothest version of  yourself, you'll leave behind an impression the manager will remember.

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