Main image of article Craft Prototype for Sketch Out of Beta
For quite some time, designers who relied on Sketch to map out their next app or website wanted the ability to prototype. Now there's Craft Prototype, a new tool in the suite of free Craft (and Photoshop) plugins, backed by InVision's cloud. Craft Prototype has a home at the bottom of your Sketch environment. InVision tells Dice it wanted to make sure designers saw Prototype as a full-fledged product rather than an add-in for the Craft suite. [caption id="attachment_141722" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Craft Prototype Craft Prototype[/caption] Designers only need to look for an update to enable Prototype (which just emerged from beta). InVision says this focus on prototyping is a result of feedback from its users, many of whom wanted a robust solution that kept them in the design environment they were creating, rather than exporting from another platform. (Many of those designers were using InVision’s cloud solutions anyway, so Prototype is a natural fit.) Previewing Prototype, I can say it’s about as fluid and seamless as it gets. Designers simply create transitions from buttons to new screens, then create a “hot spot” where the experience begins. From there, selecting the appropriate boards and uploading to InVision is all it takes. Anyone can collaborate on the prototype in real-time; and if a prototype is more of a work in progress than an MVP product, designers can choose to sync all boards in the project, as well. Craft Prototype is a Sketch-only product. InVision enjoys a close relationship with the Sketch team, and says a hefty majority of its users are on the platform. For many, the ability to prototype was a big draw to Adobe XD. With Craft Prototype now out of beta, there’s no reason to jump ship. It’s every bit as good as Adobe’s offering, and equally positioned to offer more via Craft Sync.