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[caption id="attachment_137858" align="aligncenter" width="694"] Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 3.37.56 PM Coding IDE[/caption] CodeFights, a coding challenge and recruitment website for developers, has some interesting insights on how developers like to work. They also have some compelling data on which programmers are faster, which languages are most popular, and which gender is actually better at coding battles. In algorithmic challenges, C++ devs are faster and more accurate than anyone else by a healthy margin (a lot of algorithm material is written with the language in mind, though). Python developers come in second, with JavaScript devs rounding out the top three. Sublime Text is also a favorite IDE of CodeFights users, in use by three-fourths of developers on the platform. Second place goes to vim (with 17.6 percent), while emacs comes in third with 7.6 percent of users. Roughly two-thirds of us like autocomplete ‘on’ as a default (who doesn’t want help?), and a whopping 91.4 percent of developers prefer a dark IDE to a light one. Worldwide, C++ is the most popular language on CodeFights, with 24 percent of us utilizing it. It has some competition, though: Python has a healthy 22 percent of users, and both Java and JavaScript are two percent off the mark (20 percent and 18 percent, respectively). Stateside, those numbers flip entirely. JavaScript is most popular with 24 percent of people using it, with Java a close second at 23 percent. Python is behind both at 18 perent, while C++ has just under 15 percent of users interested. Considering gender lines, CodeFight finds we’re just about equal. When going head-to-head in coding challenges, Men only win 54 percent of the time. CodeFightsDataDice