Google I/O was a smashing success, and not only because of Jelly Bean's announcement and the unveiling of  three new Android-powered devices. If you weren't there, you can still benefit from all of the sessions presented during the event: They're available free on YouTube. How much is there to see? Twenty four hours of Android intelligence goodness. Android sessions covered design, development, and distribution. Videos have been neatly organized into playlists along those lines. Learn more about project butter and how to make a good app great from the comfort of your viewing device of choice. A full intro to the playlists is here. As you go through it, bear in mind these:

Select Videos

  • What's New in Android
  • So You've Read the Design Guide; Now What?
  • Navigation in Android (avoid the menu button of shame by watching this one)
  • Doing More with Less; Being a Good Android Citizen
  • Google Play: Marketing 101 for Developers
  • Measuring the End-to-End Value of Your App

New Developers Site

The new Google Developers Live site makes it possible for anyone to watch weekly live Hangouts, which are available to anyone on Google+. I/O speakers are scheduled for interviews and Q&A sessions in the future. You're not required to join the live Hangout session to see the streaming video -- you can just watch from Google Developers Live. Tips for Joining Android Developer Hangouts
  • Test your Hangout skills with a friend first.
  • Check your microphone.
  • Adjust your lighting (not as important as microphone, but good light helps others see you).
  • Practice asking your question before joining the live session. Don't forget to enunciate!
  • Remember the golden rule of asking questions Googlers about Google products: They aren't allowed to comment on future plans. So, leave them alone.
This week's Office Hours Hangout session will air at the regularly scheduled time of 2 PT on Wednesday. Related Links