Main image of article Google Releases Play App Sales Reports for Developers
Google Play on LaptopGoogle introduced new sales reports for Android apps sold on Google Play last week, which provide valuable ongoing data for sales, returns, and payouts.
"The new sales reports show you complete transaction details of recent sales and refunds for all products in your developer account, including both in-app products and paid apps. Each report is a cumulative for the current payout period, updated nightly with the details of recent transactions. As customers complete purchases and their accounts are charged (or refunds are applied), the new transaction details are appended to the Estimated Sales Report. Depending on account timezone differences, transactions appear on the estimated sales report within 2 days of completion. Finally, at the close of the monthly payout cycle, the current Estimated Sales Report is archived and a new report is created for the next cycle."
Data can be exported easily in CSV format for use in any analysis tool you choose and data that can be accessed includes "buyer and order, product, device information, amount, currency of sale, and more." Access to data from Feb 1, 2012, is available through these reports. This new addition to the reporting suite can give you a more complete look at your business over time. You can watch performance over time to determine your best marketing methods and learn which new features tend to attract more buyers as they're introduced.