Main image of article How a 'Task Alarm' Sparks Better Productivity
For some tech pros, plowing through all the day’s tasks can prove difficult. It’s not just a matter of procrastinating (although some workers have that problem in abundance); a constant stream of emails, messages, phone calls, and co-workers can all disrupt attempts to lock down. So what’s the solution? Some people have great success with a “task alarm,” which does require some self-discipline—but if you can pull it off, you could see your productivity noticeably increase. The task alarm involves a bit of planning. At the beginning of the week—or even the night before, depending on your preferences—sit down and list all the major tasks awaiting you. Consider how much time it would take to complete each task; the important part here is to set realistic expectations for yourself. Once you have a list of tasks and times, place them on your schedule in optimal order; some tech pros like to do so on their work calendar, and set alarms for the start and end of each task. You may find that ordering and setting your tasks makes you a more focused worker; also make sure to schedule in things like breaks and lunch. With more and more studies showing that multitasking is actually detrimental to many workers’ ability to function, arranging your life around “single tasking” may prove the solution you need to get things done.