Software developers are in short supply in Colorado, a situation that's prompting some tech companies to move to, or open satellite offices in, Silicon Valley. Mobile apps developers in particular are few and far between, writes the Denver Post. Mobile App Developers are Gold in ColoradoMapMyFitness moved to Austin and and SimpleGeo to San Francisco in efforts to solve their recruiting problem.
(SimpleGeo) co-founder Matt Galligan said Boulder is a great place to find engineering talent, but he noted that the company could not have made key hires there, including its vice presidents of product and business development.
If Colorado's unemployment rate is 8.8 percent, why are these jobs going unfilled? A number of factors, ranging from quickly changing technologies to the difficulty of assessing skills, makes finding the right people a tall order, writes the Post's Greg Griffin. A contrarian view comes from Josh Scott, vice president of product for online education company Sympoz. About recruiting in Silicon Valley, he says:
It's brutal there. There's a huge shortage of software engineers and talented folks, who have more job opportunities than they know what to do with.
-- Mark Feffer