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When you're using social media, remember that what goes online has a nasty habit of staying online, even if you think you've removed it. That can make your job search more difficult, since many employers check out candidates by looking up their social profiles. Some companies use tools to scrape the Internet for everything you may have said or done online over the last several years. They can find examples of professional honors and charitable work, along with negative information that meets specific criteria: evidence of racist remarks, references to drugs, sexually explicit photos, text messages or videos, flagrant displays of weapons or bombs and clearly identifiable violent activity. One hint: It’s not comments or affiliations that lead to the most problems, but rather photos and videos. That problem can be made potentially worse when you allow friends to tag you, which puts identifiable images of you online that you may not even know about.

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Image: Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstock.com

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