Main image of article Silicon Valley Still Reigns Supreme for Tech Pros: Study
While steering clear of Silicon Valley might be a great idea for anyone who wants to save on housing costs and commuting time, it remains the best job market in tech, according to a new list. Zippia recently studied the best overall job markets, and found that Silicon Valley (San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara, specifically) was tops. The nearby San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande area ranked second, while Odessa, Texas ranked third. Midland, Texas was fourth, and Charleston-North Charleston, South Carolina rounds out the top five. We asked Zippia to distill the list to tech careers, and saw some shifts. The bottom three overall best markets fell out of the top ten entirely; none ranked until the 29th spot, when Charleston-North Charleston reappeared. Zippia tracks 13 specific data points to score and rank each metro area, including unemployment year-over-year (YoY), employed population, and average wage YoY. California dominates the tech-centric version of the list, with five of the top 10 metro areas. Corvallis, Oregon pushes the West Coast into the majority of the top five slots. Illinois also makes a solid showing with two metro areas, while Des Moines, IA, rounds out the top ten. Zippia’s list is, as expected, a bit divergent from other studies we’ve highlighted. WalletHub data examining the best metro areas for STEM jobs is wildly different, and doesn’t even rank Silicon Valley in its top 10; its state rankings place California fifth. Dice data is close to Zippia’s. We also rank Silicon Valley as a top metro area for tech pros, while placing other established tech hubs such as Boston, New York, Seattle, and Dallas in our top ten. When it comes to tech pro earnings, data is likewise closely aligned with Zippia’s data. Remember, remote work remains a great option. Earnings are still a top priority, and some companies are willing to pay the same rate whether you’re local or working from home. Keep that in mind before moving to an expensive area.