Main image of article Take a Look at This Job Resume on a Beer Carton

Canadian graphic designer Brennan Gleason wanted to attract more work, so he came up with a novel concept: custom-printing his resume on boxes of the beer he brews as a sideline. “I brewed up a nice blonde ale, so I figured it would awesome to use it to promote myself and my work,” Gleason wrote in a post on Dribbble. “Box contains the resume and the bottles each contain a piece of my work.” In addition to some bits about his work history, the carton labeling features a prominent link to his personal website. The best part? His creative effort reportedly gained him a few job offers. Plastering a resume on the side of a beer carton isn’t the only creative way to announce your skills to the world. There’s a rising trend of job candidates transforming their resumes into infographics, for example, with work history and skills rendered as sleek graphs. (That could make it difficult to submit to jobs online, which often require the candidate input personal information into preset fields or uploading their resume as an .rtf or .docx, but hey, at least an infographic resume gets points for creativity.) Candidates have also turned more to social-media outlets such as Twitter to communicate their aptitude to employers. But the rise of social networks doesn’t mean the traditional resume is passé. A majority of employers still ask for them, and expect their contents to be accurate and grammatically correct. And if the employer loves beer, a resume on the side of a beer carton could go a long way toward scoring that job interview, provided the employer in question isn’t a teetotaler.

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Image: Brennan Gleason