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The next episode of the Tech Connects podcast is here! Every month, we’ll have great guests who will share their expertise about the current state of the tech careers world, from the hottest tech skills to the state of the tech hiring market to what companies are doing to retain and attract top talent. 

Our next guest is Anand Subbaraj, who’s the CEO of Zuper. Anand and his team build software that helps companies manage their field services. If you’ve ever had the plumber, electrician, or cable guy over to fix something, you might not have any idea about the amount of complicated tech that goes into ensuring they get to your door on time. With clients like Ikea, Zuper is also exploring how to use automation and pattern detection to make these kinds of everyday services even better. Let’s jump in!

Whether you have a dozen or a couple thousand people in the field, their tasks and movements can quickly become exponentially complex. The solution is technology—especially cutting-edge tools that allow companies to manage that complexity at massive scale.

Zuper is also just one example of how automation and ‘real time’ artificial intelligence (A.I.) are permeating pretty much every industry in a number of unexpected ways. No matter where you work—or what you’re working on—pay attention to how automation, machine learning, and pattern recognition could impact even the smallest parts of your daily workflow.

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