Main image of article The Apple TV Set -- Rumor or Reality?
If you believe anything the Apple rumor mill churns out, a new Apple TV is currently being developed and will hit store shelves sometime next year. This is not the TV box that Apple currently sells, which users have complained has a lot of technical glitches. It’s an actual TV tied into the Apple ecosystem that we can only hope will be as innovative as Apple’s other products. A new 15- or 19-inch touchscreen Apple TV running iOS should be out by the 2012 holiday season, predicts venture capitalist Stewart Alsop. He told VentureBeat he has heard from multiple sources throughout Silicon Valley that the Apple television project is underway. Apple’s iOS will enable the company to create a TV that doesn’t just show videos and broadcast stations, but also plays games, runs apps, lets you check your schedule and tweet about what you’re watching at the moment. Plus, the Apple TV would tie into other Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, giving the company an enviable full-circle consumer product line. “You look at TVs in Best Buy and they’re the same damn things that they’ve been building for 30, 40, 50 years,” said Alsop. “Apple will do to television manufacturers what it did to phone makers with the iPhone.” Source: VentureBeat