Main image of article Top Perks & Benefits Tech Pros Want in 2019, Ranked

According to the most recent Dice Salary Survey, a good health insurance plan will attract and retain tech pros more than any other benefit an employer can offer.

Over 10,000 employed technology professionals responded to the survey, which covers all facets of tech employment. When we asked for specifics on what two benefits or perks matter most to tech pros, “health insurance” was the clear leader, with 85 percent of respondents saying it was one of the “most important” benefits an employer can offer. Separately, dental insurance earned nine percent of the vote.

Health insurance earned nearly double the percentage of second-place “paid vacation” (44 percent), which is unique from “paid sick time,” which got seven percent of tech pros. We’ll note some companies simply offer a PTO package that encompasses both vacation and sick time, while other employers have unlimited paid time off (which some tech pros think is a great idea).

Around 30 percent of respondents name 401(k) matching as a top perk, but a mere seven percent say a “stock program” is the most critical benefit their employer can offer.

The ability to work remotely – or more flexible office hours – earned 29 percent of the vote. In an anonymous Dice survey last year, 28 percent of respondents said remote work was the single most important perk their employer could offer, tying with “health benefits” for the top spot in that survey.

A better training or continuing education program garnered 12 percent in the current Salary Survey, showing tech pros are aware they need to ‘upskill’ in 2019. In broader strokes, the survey shows tech pro salary leveling off; tech pros are beginning to realize learning new skills or technologies makes them more attractive to employers, and can encourage their existing employer to give them raises. An additional five percent say tuition reimbursement is a top perk employers should offer.

Health insurance, paid vacation, and a 401(k) matching program leading the way here is no surprise. Neither is remote work, checking in with a close fourth-place finish. We’re also not shocked these benefits lead the rest of the pack by a wide margin. A previous, anonymous Dice survey of tech pros suggested a majority don’t feel valued at work; 11 percent of those respondents said benefits were keeping them loyal to their existing employer.

In other words, 2019 may be the year that employers will need to step up and offer tech pros more beyond pay, or risk losing them en masse.