For your reading pleasure, here are the stories most read by your fellow Dice users this week.
  • Group InterviewAlready Know the Interview Solution? Say Something: While some candidates don’t prepare at all for coding / algorithms interviews (eek!), others spend so much time preparing that they already know the answers to problems. “Score!” they think. “Now I’ve nailed the question.” Oh, how very, very misguided that is.
  • Unemployed? Use Your Workforce Investment Board: If you’re looking for a tech job in Silicon Valley, and want to refresh your skills or learn completely new technologies, you might want to start with one of the local workforce boards operated through federal One-Stop Centers.
  • 5 Things to Learn About Computer Science Degrees: Computer science degrees come with a common misconception, which often discourages students from pursuing a degree: They’ll turn you into an isolated code cruncher. That’s not really the case.
  • Resumes: How to Effectively List Technical Skills: In tech, one of your resume’s most important sections is your list of technical skills. Here’s how to approach making it so effective that reviewers will decide right then to pay more attention to your resume than others’.
  • NSA Needs Geeks in Utah: Despite a job market for IT specialists that seems a little rocky at moments, there’s a huge new opportunity for IT people with the right skills, the will to relocate, and a little discretion. Actually make that a lot of discretion.