Main image of article As Expected, Tech Dominates New 'Best Jobs' Study
You may like your job in tech, but would you consider it one of the best in the country? A new study from Indeed suggests many of us should. The catch-all jobs site recently published its Best Jobs in the United States list, which has a few qualifiers. First, a job must have an average base salary of $75,000 or better. Second, the jobs have to be there; Indeed says only those jobs with “an abundance” of listings qualify. Because Indeed casts such a wide net, it finds tech has been usurped by the construction industry. “Commercial Project Manager” is now the best job in the United States, mainly due to its job growth. An average base salary of $81,023 is far lower than others on the list, but 277 percent job growth since 2014 drives it to the top. “Full Stack Developer” is second on the list (it was first last year). The average base salary of $111,640 keeps tech pros happy, as does the 198 percent growth. It’s tops in a third category that Indeed tracks: the number of job listings this title appears in; for every one million jobs listed on Indeed, “Full Stack Developer” appears in 900. Here are all the tech jobs on Indeed's list of top 25 jobs in the United States: If you’re keeping track, roughly one-third of Indeed's list is tech. As Indeed also notes: “The rise of the machine learning engineer is particularly striking. This role shot up from 17th place in 2017 to number 4 in 2018, likely reflecting increasing interest in A.I. and robotics. Data scientist, however, cooled a little, dropping from its previous second place ranking to eighth this year.” Construction is likely spiking on this list because Indeed lists any job, and the construction industry doesn’t have a specific jobs portal. Tech, however, still makes a healthy showing on this list. We’ll point out Indeed’s list is based on job listings, not actual feedback from professionals. Findings like this show how healthy the tech jobs market really is; tech pros should find comfort in that.