Main image of article Top Apps Make Your BlackBerry Work Harder

We never hear much about the universe of BlackBerry apps, but they're out there, and many of them target very specific business tasks to help make your BlackBerry and even more vital everyday business tool. IT may want consider deploying some of the apps featured in this ITBusinessEdge roundup of 12 cool apps. Among the best: Antair E-Mail Auto-Responder: Set up custom, automatic e-mail replies for your incoming e-mail. It's flexible enough to deliver different types of responses to different sets of correspondents. The price: $49.99. HP ePrint: This free app from HP lets you print e-mails with attachments, documents, presentations, or photos at an HP ePrint public printing location found at FedEx Office stores, Hilton Hotels, and other locations. Mileage Tracker Pro: Here's one of the best know apps for tracking your mileage claims for reimbursement. If you're in charge of managing tech for a crowd of traveling sales reps, this one's a no-brainer. The cost: free for 30 days, then $9.99 per year. Blurt Pro: This app lets you see who's calling by sending the Caller ID, e-mail, and SMS alerts to your computer monitor. The cost: $5.99. While you're at it, check out this BusinessWeek article in which RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie bemoans the fact that BlackBerry doesn't get more credit for its application marketplace. --Don Willmott