Main image of article Job Hunting Basics in the Technology Sector

Looking for a new job is a stressful prospect. Here’s some straightforward advice for finding that next great gig:

Should You Jump to a New Technology Job This Year?
New year, new you. Actually, no matter what time of year it is, you should always have your next big opportunity in mind.

Tips for Surviving Your First Year in Tech
The tech industry is often ridiculously fast-paced, with a lot of issues to consider. If you’re new to tech, here’s how to survive.

Fastest-Growing Tech Occupations Include Data Scientists, Engineers
What are some of the fastest-growing jobs in tech? Fortunately, employers need technologists for pretty much every function, from data wrangling to ensuring that tech infrastructure keeps operating.

5 Job Hunting Tips for Computer Science Grads
So you just graduated with a fancy CS degree. Congrats! Now it’s time to put that degree to good use in your job hunt.

Creativity is Key When Technologists Consider New Jobs
As you might expect, technical skills are invaluable when it comes to technology jobs. But creativity (along with other “soft skills”) is a huge and often-overlooked factor.

Top States for Technology Salaries, Growth
More and more states have robust tech industries. Here are some of the fastest-growing. Remember, tech opportunities aren’t limited to Silicon Valley and New York City anymore!

5 Behaviors That Will Murder Your Job Hunt
Beware of these things when engaging in your next big hunt for a great job.

Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers in Tech
The tech industry welcomes technologists from every walk of life. Here’s how Baby Boomers can continue their illustrious careers.

Accelerate your job search by understanding what jobs hiring are looking for in candidates. Find a job by becoming a master of your craft through trainings and certifications. Here’s some of Dice’s best resources to help:


Agile Certification AWS Certification
Azure Certification Business Analysis Certification
Cybersecurity Certification Data Science Certification
DevOps Certification Graphic Design Certification
Java Certification Kotlin Certification
Linux Certification Oracle Certification
Power BI Certification Project Management Certification
Python Certification RPA Certification
Salesforce Certification SAP Certification
SAS Certification Scrum Master Certification
Splunk Certification SQL Certification
Tableau Certification VMware Certification
Web Development Certification



Agile Training AWS Training
Azure Training Blockchain Training
Cloud Computing Training Cybersecurity Training
Data Science Training DevOps Training
Google Cloud Training Mulesoft Training
Oracle Training Power BI Training
Project Management Training Python Training Training
QA Training Salesforce Training
SAP Training SAS Training
Servicenow Training Sharepoint Training
Splunk Training SQL Training
Tableau Training VMware Training
Web Development Training


And don’t forget Dice’s Career Development Resources, featuring a comprehensive library of resources for everything from interviewing to learning new skills. It’ll help you get on the right track, wherever you want to go.