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Dice’s “Tech Connects Podcast" brings you the latest and greatest conversations about tech hiring, recruiting, careers, and job searching. Since launch, our guests have stopped by to discuss everything from the state of the tech job market to the hottest tech skills, what companies are doing to attract and retain technologists in a tight market, and much more.

The “Tech Connects” recruiting and career podcast will provide you with the tech job market insights you need, whether you're an employer, recruiter, or job candidate. You'll learn how to approach all aspects of your career journey, from the job search process to salary negotiations, resume updating/building, and anything else that will help accelerate your progress. We’ll also cover the many important parts of the employment and recruiting processes, such as how to succeed in any market conditions, as well as what it means to build a relationship with candidates and how to effectively source candidates.

If you haven’t yet caught up on all the “Tech Connects” episodes, we’ve broken them down in a (regularly updated) scroll below. You can listen via the embeds and subscribe via the podcasting platform of your choice—we’re on ACastSpotifyApple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and more.

Episode 8: Steven Brand, Head of Employer Brand at Mambu

Steven Brand is the head of employer brand at Mambu, a rapidly growing fintech company. Brand also has tons of fans online, including on LinkedIn, where he regularly posts his thoughts on the evolution of employer branding. 

As a term, ‘employer branding’ has existed since the 90s, and it encompasses the steps an organization can take to position itself as a great place to work. When an organization’s employer branding succeeds, it helps bring in talent that not only has the right skills, but also integrates well into the company’s culture. During our podcast chat, Brand breaks down why employer branding can serve as a company’s “secret weapon,” reducing attrition and dissatisfaction, boosting engagement and productivity, and ultimately helping drive an influx of great talent.  

Employer brand even has the potential to impact the bottom line of an organization. When you hire the right talent, they’re more productive and more likely to stay longer because they’re happier. If you’re working in employer branding, it’s important to educate those around you—especially senior leadership—about the very real impact of your work.  

Episode 7: Manish Narayanaswami, Kissflow, on No- and Low-Code Tools

Manish Narayanaswami is an associate director at Kissflow, which is a builder of no- and low-code platforms that enable business customers to build apps and workflows with a minimum of coding. He’s spent years refining how to use cutting-edge technologies to make things simpler for end users. 

For businesses, no- and low-code presents the tantalizing possibility of allowing employees who don’t have a tech background to quickly spin up the apps and services they need. However, many technologists are also concerned about how no- and low-code workflows could potentially make it more confusing to manage an organization’s tech stack.

As Manish explains, no- and low-code platforms could have a sizable impact on how companies build and manage apps and services. If this technology isn’t on your radar… well, it should be, because companies large and small are currently developing all kinds of tools that will make it easier for “citizen developers” to spin up the software they need for their jobs. 

Episode 6: Executive Editor Mark Feffer on Economic Uncertainty, Automation, and More

Mark Feffer is the executive editor at Recruiting Daily; he’s also editor and publisher of the HCM Technology Report. Feffer has a long, storied career as a journalist covering the technology industry, with a particular focus on hiring and recruiting trends and HR tech. 

This episode covers a variety of topics, including the current economic uncertainty, the rise of automation in hiring, and even how companies are approaching next-generation technologies like augmented reality (AR).

Although tech unemployment is notably low and companies everywhere are hiring, there are also fears of potential recession, and some companies—most notably the tech giants—have been slowing hiring or even initiating layoffs. As we discuss, this is a good time for managers and team leaders to see how they can adapt to different circumstances—for example, perhaps your budget for salaries is cut and you need to offer candidates and team members a different set of benefits such as training and education.

Episode 5: HackerEarth CEO Sachin Gupta on the Tech Hiring Market

Sachin Gupta is the CEO and Co-Founder of HackerEarth. He's also a former software developer at Google and Microsoft. A developer by trade, he is passionate about the developer community and ensuring every developer is connected with the right opportunity. Sachin was named in 2016’s Forbes 30 Under 30 List of Entrepreneurs in Asia.

In Sachin’s episode, we discuss the current tech hiring landscape, including how technical interviews are evolving, the skills that technologists need to land the job, and much more that’s potentially useful as you pursue your next career move.

Episode 4: Katrina Collier on Humanity in Recruiting

Katrina Collier wears many hats: she’s an author, speaker, mentor, and facilitator who specializes in the human side of talent acquisition. She’s most recently the author of “The Robot-Proof Recruiter,” the second edition of which rolled out at the end of August; it’s full of useful info about recruiting the right people and crafting the ideal candidate journey. In this episode of “Tech Connects,” she helps us dig into how recruiters and companies can ensure a great candidate experience.

Episode 3: Paul Farnsworth on the CTO Journey

Many technologists want to ascend into management and become either a CIO, CTO, or even CEO. Achieving that goal can obviously take many years, with multiple paths, trials and decisions along the way. Paul Farnsworth, chief technology officer of DHI Group, the parent company of Dice, is in a great position to give technologists some crucial insight into these pathways and the issues involved. In this episode of “Tech Connects,” he talks about his own journey to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role. 

Episode 2: Michelle Marian on DEI in Tech

There’s a spotlight on how organizations throughout the tech ecosystem are approaching diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Michelle Marian, Chief Marketing Officer at DHI Group, the parent company of Dice, is passionate about DEI. In this episode, she talks about what technologists can do to encourage DEI in their own workplaces, how companies can change their culture and practices, and whether executives can truly determine whether they’re “doing right.”

Episode 1: Art Zeile On the Tech Market

Art Zeile, the CEO of DHI Group, the parent company of Dice, is an expert on the tech careers landscape. Art is a technologist himself, which is one of the reasons why he’s so passionate about both advocating for technologists, and about helping organizations build the right environments and hire the tech professionals who will power their growth. In this episode of “Tech Connects,” he chats about the current economic uncertainty, and how companies everywhere still need technologists for a variety of important tasks, from building websites to analyzing data to ensuring that a mobile app stays running.

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