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Updated February 28, 2024

Discrimination Continues to Be Major Issue for Tech Professionals

Despite efforts to prioritize DEIB initiatives, the percentage of tech professionals who said they experienced discrimination rose in 2022 


CENTENNIAL, Colo. April 18, 2023 / BusinessWire /— Despite many companies’ public and extensive efforts to put Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) policies in place, 24% of tech professionals said they experienced racial discrimination in 2022 — up from 18% in 2021. Tech career marketplace Dice, a DHI Group, Inc. brand (NYSE: DHX), reported today that the percentage of tech professionals who said they experienced gender discrimination also increased, from 21% in 2021 to 26% in 2022.

In a survey of nearly 2,500 U.S. tech professionals, Dice found that underrepresented groups are generally less satisfied with their careers than their counterparts. That discrimination can have very real impacts on tech professionals’ satisfaction, burnout rates, perception of compensation fairness and general quality of life.

“The data we have gathered on perceptions and experiences of discrimination clearly shows how important equality and belonging in the workplace are to all tech professionals, and especially those in underrepresented groups,” said Art Zeile, CEO of Dice. “Creating an environment that is inclusive and safe, and where every employee can be their true selves requires buy-in and effort from everyone at all levels of an organization. While the lack of progress in some areas continues to be disheartening, it can serve as a catalyst for companies and their leadership teams to refocus their efforts on DEIB-related work, and to approach these initiatives with the same commitment they bring to every other strategic imperative.” 

The Perception Gap of Racial and Gender Inequality
The data indicates that certain groups in tech perceive inequality at a much higher rate than others. For instance, 53% of Black tech professionals believe that racial inequality occurs very frequently or frequently, which is significantly higher than all other groups surveyed: 30% of Hispanic / Latinx respondents, 29% of White respondents, 28% of Asian / Pacific Islander respondents and 19% of Asian Indian / Indian Subcontinent respondents reported that racial discrimination occurs frequently or very frequently in the tech industry. 

Perceptions of racial inequality were also high among tech professionals with disabilities: 43% of respondents with a disability or mental health condition said racial inequality occurred frequently or very frequently. For those who did not indicate a disability, perception of racial discrimination was at 30%.  

When asked how often they thought gender discrimination occurs in tech, 51% of respondents who identified as women said frequently or very frequently, compared to only 30% of respondents who identified as men."

Tech Professionals and Discrimination in the Workplace
When asked about experiences with discrimination, once again, candidates’ experiences vary by group. While 54% of Black tech professionals said they experienced racial discrimination (significantly higher than all other groups), 73% of White tech professionals and 51% of Asian Indian / Indian Subcontinent respondents said they did not experience racial discrimination in the workplace.

Women reported experiencing gender discrimination in the workplace more than three times as often as men did (48% vs. 15%, respectively). One bit of data in this area showed progress: While 26% of women reported they hadn’t experienced gender discrimination in 2021, that increased to 31% in 2022.

Dice also analyzed racial and gender discrimination for tech professionals who reported a disability or mental health condition vs. no disability indicated. Across the board, those with a disability said discrimination occurred more often than those without a disability:

  • Perception that racial discrimination occurs frequently or very frequently 
    • Disability / mental health condition: 43% 
    • No disability indicated: 30% 
  • Experienced racial discrimination in the workplace
    • Disability / mental health condition: 30%
    • No disability indicated: 23%
  • Perception that gender discrimination occurs frequently or very frequently 
    • Disability / mental health condition: 51% 
    • No disability indicated: 34% 
  • Experienced gender discrimination in the workplace
    • Disability / mental health condition: 42%
    • No disability indicated: 23%

Employers and Tech Professionals Are Not on the Same Page
Survey results also unveiled a large gap between how often HR professionals and tech employees perceive discrimination occurs. While 32% of tech professionals said they think racial inequality occurs frequently or very frequently, only 15% of HR professionals responded this way. That gap widens with gender discrimination: 37% of tech professionals believe gender inequality occurs frequently or very frequently, while only 12% of HR professionals feel the same. 

The knowledge of this disconnect in discrimination perception, paired with burnout data presented by Dice, can help organizations as they attempt to make the workplace more equitable and inclusive, and assist HR professionals and leadership in attracting and retaining top tech talent.


Data supporting this content was gathered through an online survey of registered Dice job seekers and site visitors between December 2–19, 2022. Respondents were invited to participate in the survey via email and through a notification on their user profile page. A total of 2,477 respondents are represented in this report, unless otherwise noted. 

Acknowledging that gender and racial identifications exist well beyond what is presented in this report, certain demographics that Dice collected data for are not featured due to small sample sizes. These include Non-binary and Other in gender, as well as Native American/Alaskan Native and Other in race. The report draws only on the data that is statistically conclusive. Dice plans to extend the represented demographics in future iterations of this report. 

A separate survey was conducted September 28–October 5, 2022, among 350 human resources professionals from direct hire organizations that recruit and employ tech talent. Results from this study were used to understand where gaps exist between employers and employees. 

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