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Updated April 4, 2023

Tech Recruiters See Increase in Tech Candidate Applications With Dice’s “Invite to Apply”

Tech recruiters using the in-platform personalized email feature have seen an apply rate of more than 10% — nearly double the average apply rate for tech jobs


CENTENNIAL, Colo. April 4, 2023 / BusinessWire /— Tech career marketplace Dice, a DHI Group, Inc. (DHX: NYSE) brand, announced that use of its new Invite to Apply feature has already resulted in an increase of the apply rate to more than 10% during its first few months on the Dice platform. That is nearly double the average tech job apply rate of 5.97% reported by Appcast. Dice launched Invite to Apply in January 2023 to allow recruiters and HR professionals to send personalized in-platform emails, encouraging qualified candidates to apply for a company’s open roles.

“The tech hiring market remains extremely competitive, and our primary goal at Dice is to give HR professionals and recruiters the advantages they need to win in-demand tech candidates,” said Art Zeile, CEO of Dice. “Invite to Apply provides recruiters using our platform the ability to engage directly with high-quality tech professionals and send preferred applicants a nudge to put their hat in the ring for an open role. It also provides our customers another chance to make their unique company pitch to candidates, which we know can make a big difference in career decisions.”

Invite to Apply prioritizes ease of use, and recruiters and HR professionals can identify tech professionals they want to connect with through:

  • Dice’s Auto Talent Alert daily email, which features new candidate suggestions for open jobs, a list that is built by matching job descriptions with candidate profiles.
  • A candidate’s profile in TalentSearch, Dice’s database of tech professionals.

Upon selecting Invite to Apply, an email template opens with key candidate information auto-populated; recruiters and HR professionals can then personalize the email further with details including salary information, additional company and role-specific information, and more. 

In addition to direct engagement with in-demand tech candidates, Invite to Apply offers the following benefits:

  • Avoid Application Process Drop-Off: Many tech candidates drop out of lengthy application processes. Invite to Apply allows tech professionals to review and apply to jobs in just a few clicks.
  • Convince the Right Candidates to Apply: Invite to Apply allows recruiters to target tech professionals who may not think they have the right qualifications for the role with a push to apply.
  • Build Trust in Partnership with Dice: All Invite to Apply emails feature the recruiter and HR professional name in partnership with Dice, which can help initiate stronger connections with candidates who recognize the brand as the premier specialist for tech careers.

For more about Dice’s innovative tech hiring solutions, check out What’s New on Dice.


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